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LED Lighting Installation has become the top choice for many Launceston homeowners. Many homeowners are now changing their interior as well as their exterior lights to LEDs. At Volt Masters Launceston Electrician, we only contract qualified electricians that are professionals at taking care of all your LED lighting installation needs. Our electricians servicing the entire Launceston city and are available 24/7. So one of our local Launceston electricians can come at a time that suits you.

The latest clean energy innovation is LED lighting, and the future is really bright! Proudly Tasmanian owned and operated, Volt Masters Launceston Electrician take pride in supporting the movement to a more sustainable future.

With LED lighting, did you know:
  • Save as much as 80% on your lights power expenses!
  • Most normal downlights make use of 50 watts of power! LEDs utilise only 12 Watts for the very same or better light output!
  • LED refers to Light Emitting Diode. For a thorough explanation please see Wikipedia.
  • LED lighting installation can be as simple as changing the bulb. It can sometimes be as easy as that!
  • One of the most environmentally friendly as well as safe illumination solutions available.
  • LED lights can last as much as twenty years in typical residence use. That depends on 30 times longer than the average halogen light world!

LED Lighting installation will increase value to your residential or commercial property

Decrease your house and workplace lighting costs by as much as 80% making use of one of the most effective kinds of lighting readily available.


LED illumination utilises around 20% of the power than that of a regular light bulb. Energy-efficient LED lighting installation will lower carbon emissions, which assists our environment as well as conserving your cash. Our professionals we work with will explain to you what’s available, as well as provide valuable information and answer any questions you have on LED lighting installation.


Regardless of what your needs are, Volt Masters Launceston Electrician are entirely committed to helping you find the perfect solution. The friendly electricians will give you the most reliable quote and, can undoubtedly help you to save some cash with your future electricity bills. Our Launceston electricians can even organise your industrial, as well as business, LED lighting projects.


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